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Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

101 Persuasive Essay Topics

Whether you are a student in need of a persuasive essay topic, or a teacher looking to assign a persuasive essay, this list of 101 persuasive essay topics is a great resource. ย I taxed my brain to create this huge list of persuasive essay topics relevant to today’s society, but I believe it was worth the effort. ย Additionally, any of these topics could be applied to a persuasive speech project as well. I appreciate any and all comments or feedback.

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  1. Should students be allowed to have phones in elementary and high schools?
  2. Should students have to wear uniforms?
  3. Should college athletes be paid for playing?
  4. Should the elderly receive free bus rides?
  5. Should state colleges be free to attend?
  6. Should all American citizens have to complete a year of community service?
  7. Should students be required to take Spanish classes?
  8. Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?
  9. Should the voting age be lowered to thirteen?
  10. Should the driving age be raised to twenty-one?
  11. Should students be paid for having good grades?
  12. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to get drivers licenses?
  13. Should not wearing a seat-belt be illegal?
  14. Should student’s textbooks be replaced by notebook computers or tablets?
  15. Should students have to pass a basic skills test to graduate high school?
  16. Should schools raise money by selling candy and sugary soft drinks to students?
  17. Should schools serve french-fries and fried potato products to students at lunch?
  18. Should students’ grades in gym affect their grade point averages?
  19. Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?
  20. Should teens be able to buy violent video games?
  21. Should boys and girls be in separate classes?
  22. Should teenage girls be allowed to get birth control without the permission of their parents?
  23. Should our country have free health care?
  24. Should immigration laws be reformed?
  25. Should the federal government recognize civil unions?
  26. Should people who download music and movies illegally be punished?
  27. Should school athletes have to be on the honor roll to play in games?
  28. Should music with curse words be allowed at school dances?
  29. Should public schools begin the day with a silent prayer time?
  30. Should students be able to listen to music on headphones during study hall?
  31. Should schools offer fast food options like McDonald’s or Taco Bell?
  32. Should smoking be allowed at parks and other outdoor public venues?
  33. Should cities offer free public Wi-Fi?
  34. Should the government place a tax on junk food and fatty snacks?
  35. Should the 2nd amendment give citizens the right to own assault weaponry?
  36. Should people traveling in airplanes have to undergo intensive security screenings?
  37. Should genetically modified foods be sold with a warning labelย?
  38. Should teachers have to pass a basic skills test every ten years to renew their certification?
  39. Should people be allowed to keep exotic animals like chimpanzees or tigers?
  40. Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs?
  41. Should the city offer a bike sharing program?
  42. Should there be an ordinance citing people who fail to recycle $50?
  43. Should there be an ordinance citing people who play music too loudly $50?
  44. Should prostitution be legalized and regulated by the government?
  45. Should celebrities who break the law face stricter penalties?
  46. Should the government increase spending on the space program?
  47. Should larger passengers have to pay for two plane or movie theater tickets?
  48. Should children have to use booster seats in cars?
  49. Should people have to get a license to become parents?
  50. Should there be tougher federal restrictions for content on the internet?
  51. Should people be allowed to curse on daytime television?
  52. Should owners be legally accountable for clearing snow from sidewalks on their property?
  53. Should sexual education be taught in public schools?
  54. Should students be able to get free condoms at school?
  55. Should students who commit cyber-bullying be suspended from school?
  56. Should corporations be allowed to advertise in schools?
  57. Should students be allowed to eat during class?
  58. Should more be done to protect and preserve endangered animals?
  59. Is it appropriate for students and teachers to be friends on Facebook?
  60. Should students have open campus lunch periods?
  61. Should abortions be legal?
  62. Should abortions be legal in cases of rape and incest?
  63. Should the death penalty be used to punish violent criminals?
  64. Should students learn about world religions in public schools?
  65. Should schools start later in the morning?
  66. Should the USA end overseas military operations?
  67. Should politicians be allowed to accept campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists?
  68. Should people with terminal illnesses have the right to doctor assisted suicides?
  69. Should Puerto Rico become a state?
  70. Should stem cell researchers be able to use stem cells from aborted babies to cure diseases?
  71. Should school athletes have to take drug tests?
  72. Should professional athletes have to take drug tests?
  73. Should America convert to the metric system?
  74. Should high school students have to complete community service hours to graduate?
  75. Should teens over 13 years of age be allowed into R rated movies?
  76. Should state tests be given in other languages for ESL students?
  77. Should scientists be allowed to test products intended for human use on animals?
  78. Should unhealthy fast food products be sold with a warning label?
  79. Should there be a tariff or tax on products manufactured outside of the country?
  80. Should students or teachers receive money for scoring well on standardized tests?
  81. Should everyone under the age of 17 have a 9:00 PM curfew?
  82. Should schools with low scores on standardized tests be closed?
  83. Should minors be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in their homes with their parents’ consent?
  84. Should students be allowed to drop out before they turn 18 years old?
  85. Should alcohol manufacturers be allowed to advertise on television?
  86. Should students as young as fourteen be allowed to hold jobs?
  87. Should American families have a two child max rule to limit population growth?
  88. Should children younger than thirteen be allowed to watch MTV or music videos?
  89. Should people who are caught driving drunk lose their licenses for a year?
  90. Should students who fail their classes be retained and have to repeat the grade?
  91. Should large businesses and corporations be required to employ a number of minorities proportionate to the population?
  92. Should female construction workers earn the same wages as males?
  93. Should children in temporary living situations with a 3.0 GPA earn free college tuition?
  94. Should gambling and sports-betting be illegal or should the government regulate it?
  95. Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
  96. Should the government be allowed to detain suspected terrorists without trial?
  97. Should the government censor internet content deemed inappropriate?
  98. Should teachers have to wear uniforms or have a dress code?
  99. Should teachers be allowed to have cell phones in the classroom?
  100. Should the state execute dogs that have bitten someone?
  101. Should talking on a phone without a hands-free device while driving be illegal?

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  1. thank you

     /  April 20, 2016

    this is a really useful website

  2. thank you

     /  April 20, 2016

    this is such a useful website

  3. Cristhian

     /  April 14, 2016

    I got on punishment and the teacher made me do this so yea but its helpful thoe

  4. Shakeel Dayal

     /  March 29, 2016

    These are awesome topics. I’m modifying some and using it to prepare my daughter.The comments are also very useful to broaden the thinking horizon.
    Nice resource Mr Morton.
    Thank you.

  5. blake

     /  March 29, 2016

    website was helpful

  6. Mike

     /  March 21, 2016

    Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?

    –A good topic, but by mentioning that they should be tried as adults, I assume you mean making them subject to the harsher penalties like life with/without parole or even the death penalty.

    In 2012 it was ruled unconstitutional for a minor to be given life without parole for any instance in which a minor committed homicide. There are still people in jail that were given these types of sentences, approximately 2500, and in Michigan specifically there are offenders fighting for their right to get a chance at parole with the new law change. The topic listed should maybe be tweaked to show this – instead of implying that minors can still receive such penalties.

  7. Tracee

     /  March 18, 2016

    This website really helped me

  8. Levi

     /  March 14, 2016

    This is a great website!! and filled with so many smart people

  9. Olivia

     /  March 12, 2016

    I’m doing Should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs. I think people should. Pit-bull are known to be vicious but its the trainers fault. Since pit-bulls are so good at fighting, people train most of them to attack. But if you train them not to be vicious, then of course, they will do their best to please you. Btw, thank you Mr. Morton

    • Sara

       /  March 24, 2016

      Saying its the trainers fault is so wrong. I know many families, one in particualr that had a very kind loving pit and they were kind and loving to it and one day it just snapped and bit its owner. Pits have been inbred for years and that causes unstable dogs. People need to wake up and see that pits have a history of lashing out regardless of training.

  10. mo

     /  March 10, 2016

    This is a really good website. I really like it!

  11. Imms

     /  March 6, 2016

    Thanks a lot for the topics. I didn’t know many topics

  12. Mark

     /  March 5, 2016

    This is helpful

  13. TheOneAndOnlyMe

     /  March 1, 2016

    These are some great ideas! I am probably going to do should our country have free health care.

  14. Evangelion

     /  March 1, 2016

    Thank you for the ideas I have a pretty good idea on which one i’m doing

  15. abc

     /  February 8, 2016

    its perfect……………. I really love it…….

  16. Rainbow

     /  February 5, 2016

    Wow those were some real easy topics thanks mr Morton

  17. Parisgirl27

     /  December 7, 2015

    This was really helpful. I couldn’t think of many topics for my persuasive speech essay and then I found something on here that I could talk about while even adding some of my own personal information. I live with hypoglycemia and have to eat every three hours to regulate my blood sugar. Hypoglycemia is the opposite of diabetes (hyperglycemia) and is low blood sugar. Ever since I was little everyone stared at me while I ate because I was the only one doing so and so I would stop eating and would suffer from my hypoglycemic attacks of shaking, dry heaving, and tiredness. Eating in class would be highly beneficial in my mind because I feel better when I eat and the foods you eat, like gum, can help you to remember things on a test. Like if you chew peppermint gum during a teacher’s lesson and then chewing the same gum during a test, can help you to remember the concept from that lesson. So if you eat the same food, the same trigger can be applied. Although some foods are loud and some have sweet, spicy, or even nauseating scents, this typically isn’t a problem. Most students eat snack foods with very little scent. Apples are one of the strongest snacks I can think of. Other than that, there are things like goldfish, crackers, and granola bars which don’t produce a lot of scent. And I’m so sorry for this long comment (if you do read this) but thank you. This is a topic I feel strongly about. (Also, there can be days and times that teachers can request students not to eat such as the first ten minutes of class or lab days in science.)

    • You definitely have a good reason to eat in class, and it sounds like you’ve got some good points for your essay.

      Best wishes and thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences.

  18. Rodio (screen name)

     /  November 30, 2015

    Amazing list. I’ve decided to base my persuasive essay on “Should students be allowed to have cell phones in elementary/high schools?”. I’ve already found many ways to support each argument… I’m having trouble staying creative though, I feel like my text has already been done before… Not enough originally, y’know?

    Any advice?

    • Most things have been done before. You’ll just have to do it better if you want to innovate. Nobody’s ever done it exactly the way that you’re going to do it.

  19. Sierra Venturella

     /  October 1, 2015

    this is a really helpful website.

  20. elijah

     /  September 30, 2015

    Thx this helped alot.:)

  21. Jaymie

     /  September 29, 2015

    I’m going to do my speech on whether or not if kids should be allowed to have their cell phones during school. I can’t decide if I’m for it or against it. there are good reasons to both. Please help me out, Thanks.

    • Make a T-chart with “pros” on one side and “cons” on the other. Whichever one produces arguments that you are more eager to develop should be the side that you choose. Best wishes!

  22. #94 all I could think of was Pete Rose

  23. Jaya

     /  June 30, 2015

    I am doing a persuasive speech on ‘are zoos a force of good or a pain cruel’ so I am against the zoos . can you help me start the introduction . Thanks

  24. Gary Roberts

     /  June 7, 2015

    Do aliens really exist?????!?

  25. Gary Roberts

     /  June 7, 2015

    Sorry I meant they disimproved my results. My apologies Mr. jk! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You sir are a genius!!!

  26. Dude

     /  June 4, 2015

    This was really awesome,, thanks so much because of this I got the highest grade, Excellence. Many grateful thanks:)

  27. Mr.jk

     /  May 31, 2015

    about eat during classes//shouldn’t students be allowed to eat during classes for many reasons firstly,if all students eat the smells of food mixed and make bad smell. If students eat no body can understand the lesson because they are eating. If students have a quiz they will say we don’t know this point and this lesson and they will get bad mark in the quite so I advise students don’t eat during classes

    • Gary Roberts

       /  June 7, 2015

      I very strongly agree with you. I remember in my days when we could eat in class and it greatly improved my results. I told my grandson to do this topic based on your argument.

  28. Kahitu Monicah K

     /  May 20, 2015

    Thanks very much for these topics. You made my day as an examiner

  29. Mr.truman

     /  May 13, 2015

    the school should start at 11:00

  30. Ousna

     /  April 27, 2015

    The “Should female construction workers earn the same wages as males?” debate is absolutely sexist and there should be no debate about that sort of thing. Women should be treated the same way as men. They aren’t useless objects. In fact, if all men killed every woman alive the humans would be extinct unless men could somehow clone people.

    • Tyler

       /  May 13, 2015

      Also if every man would be extinct there would be no woman either unless they can clone themselves.

    • Random

       /  June 30, 2015

      Even if men were somehow able to clone people they would have to start with a baby, which would have to be born from a woman. (Unless men were aw to have children which they aren’t) this is because they would have to clone their DNA they can’t cline the perosn themselves. Let’s say they wanted to clone a 40 year old. The clone wouldn’t automatically come out 40 it would have to steer in the womb.

  31. bill

     /  April 21, 2015

    what is a persuasive essay

  32. Autumn

     /  April 20, 2015

    thanks for the ideas

  33. layne

     /  April 14, 2015

    dogs should not be executed for bitting people

  34. char

     /  March 23, 2015

    I am doing should a parent be a childs best friend will this offend people?

    • Maybe: it depends on your position. But, I find that the best persuasive topics are controversial, so don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

  35. Maria

     /  March 12, 2015

    Thank you for a very helpful list of daily topics!!!!

  36. CLEnfinger

     /  February 27, 2015

    Thanks for the list; recently re-entered the classroom and didn’t have a lot of my former “lists” and resources. Very helpful!

  37. Partik

     /  February 25, 2015

    I am doing a persuasive speech on “Should Public schools teach world religions?”.

    -Should I support it or go against?
    -Should I talk about importance of teaching it only or should I talk both about importance and unimportance.
    – How would I persuade my audience?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    • It doesn’t matter to me which side you choose.
      Either is defendable, though I think arguing for it would make for an easier case.

      Whichever side you choose, focus only on your side of the argument. Do not waiver in your case.

      You persuade your audience with logical or emotional arguments.

    • Rhea

       /  January 9, 2016

      I think that it should be taught since it’s just education. Maybe not fully taught but students should know the basics about a religion.

  38. christiane cooper

     /  February 25, 2015

    thanks but there should be fashion persuasive topics for some kids and for other people that don’t have fashion

  39. annie

     /  February 24, 2015

    this was so helpful thank you whoever made this

  40. Shayne

     /  February 24, 2015

    This is so educational and cool;)

  41. Philip

     /  February 24, 2015

    Those were some really good ideas

  42. Will

     /  February 18, 2015

    WOW great info thanks this helps tons

    great for essays highly recommmend


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