2nd Grade Reading Worksheets

I don't have too many resources for students reading at a second-grade level. Nonetheless, I do have some, and you may appreciate these. The worksheets on this page are written at the 2nd grade reading level. I used this reading level tool to determine the readability scores of my worksheets. Still, you should read and approve each of them yourself for quality and appropriateness before giving them to a child. I encourage you to check out the worksheets written for third and fourth grade students too. Reading scores vary greatly from one measure to the next. The readability scores on this page are a composite of those numbers. You'll get a better variety of appropriately leveled reading worksheets if you consider this idea of "reading bands." Click the button underneath this text to open up your band.

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Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test - Students practice a variety of reading skills while learning about the game of kings. This worksheet features Common Core aligned multiple-choice and long-response questions to help your students develop their reading skills. View my readibility scores.
Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test | RTF
Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test | PDF
Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test | Preview
Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test | Answers
Chess | Nonfiction Reading Test | Ereading Worksheet

TV | Nonfiction Reading Test - What's more fun than watching TV? Reading about TV and then answering multiple-choice and long-response questions! Get ready to have a good time. View my readibility scores.
TV | Nonfiction Reading Test | RTF
TV | Nonfiction Reading Test | PDF
TV | Nonfiction Reading Test | Preview
TV | Nonfiction Reading Test | Answers
TV | Nonfiction Reading Test | Ereading Worksheet

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Those were the worksheets that I have written at or around the 2nd grade reading level. I know that the list is currently a little short. I am actively trying to create new content to better serve third grade students and teachers, and this page will be updated as I do so. I appreciate all of your comments and feedback, which can be left below. Thanks for visiting!

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