Viewpoint Pilot: Point of View Review Game

Understanding point of view is a basic reading skill. It is so fundamental that it is included in the sixth CCSS anchor standard. Anchor standards are covered to some degree at every grade level (K-12), so point of view is of universal concern to English, reading, writing, and language arts teachers.

I have made some awesome point of view resources over the years. I’ve posted over 20 point of view worksheets. I’ve created a bunch of online point of view practice tests. But this is the coolest point of view activity ever made! I am proud to present my latest online educational video game: Viewpoint Pilot.

Students will answer hundreds of point of view questions.

Viewpoint Pilot is a classic arcade-style shooter. Students blast their way across the Universe, collecting cool power-ups and battling over 20 types of enemies. When students get hit, they must correctly answer a question about point of view or suffer in-game penalties like losing power-ups or starting over. This style of play gives students immediate incentive to master this essential reading skill. In the early levels of the game, students read passages and determine whether each is narrated from first, second, or third-person perspective. In the later levels, students must distinguish between objective, limited, and omniscient modes of narration. That’s scaffolding at its finest, folks.

Students will love the high-paced, explosive action. Teachers and parents will love the rigorous and meaningful questioning. This is a game where everyone wins.

Viewpoint Pilot can be played for free on any Internet connected device. It is mobile-friendly, so it works on phones and tablets, but I prefer playing on a computer with a keyboard. Call me old-fashioned. In addition to playing in your web-browser, you can also download Viewpoint Pilot on the App Store for free. There is also an ad-free version available on the App Store for $2.99. All proceeds support Ereading Worksheets and my efforts to produce new educational content for students, teachers, and parents.

So, what are you waiting for? There’s finally a better way for students to master narrative perspective. Start using it today!

Links to Viewpoint Pilot
Play Viewpoint Pilot for Free on the Internet
Download Viewpoint Pilot for Free in the App Store
Buy Viewpoint Pilot without ads in the App Store for $2.99

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  1. Anton Pieries

     /  January 17, 2020

    Thank You very much indeed for this wonderful website. I am a retired High School English Teacher and I still tutor a few secondary school students from sec.! to sec.5. These texts are very good for teaching reading comprehension. Please keep up your good work. If you have any other documents you think that will be helpful for my students, please feel free to email me.
    Thanks once again and a Very Happy New Year of Health and Prosperity to you.

  2. Jessica Fisher

     /  November 30, 2016

    I never thought about the 3 purposes to why authors write what they write.. I guess now I do and this was very informative


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