Genre Piranha | Literary Genre Review Game

Play Genre Piranha for Free Now! Hide in the weeds from larger fish. Genre Piranha is an educational video game developed for reading teachers and students. It offers rewarding gameplay and an authentic educational experience. Students will love playing and teachers will love that they are learning. It is a win-win for everyone. How It’s […]

Viewpoint Pilot: Point of View Review Game

Play Viewpoint Pilot Now Play Viewpoint Pilot for Free on the Internet Download Viewpoint Pilot for free in the App Store Buy Viewpoint Pilot without ads in the App Store for only $2.99 Free With Ads $2.99 No Ads Play Now in Your Browser for Free! Understanding point of view is a basic reading skill. […]

Poetry Cat: Poetic Devices Review Game

Play Poetry Cat Now Click Here to Play for Free on the Internet Download Poetry Cat for Free on iPads in the App Store Buy Poetry Cat for your iPad without ads for only $2.99 Free With Ads $2.99 No Ads Play Now in Your Browser for Free! If you liked my last figurative language […]

Parts of Speech App

Orpheus the Lyrical | Now on iPads and iPhones

This is what Opheus the Lyrical looks like on an iPad.

Students love playing games so much that they are willing to tolerate a little learning in order to play. How as teachers can we make the most of this? It is difficult because the state of educational games is depressing. So many “educational” games either don’t offer quality educational experiences or aren’t are fun to […]

Readability Scores

You may have noticed that most of the reading passages on this website now contain readability scores. These scores should provide teachers and students with some guidance with selecting appropriately leveled texts. Accessing the Scores Just hover your cursor over the text that states “Suggested reading level for this text…” A pop up box should […]

New and Improved Ereading Worksheets

If you’ve been coming to this site for a while, you may be familiar with my Ereading Worksheets. These are interactive online versions of my worksheets. Students complete these online and are instantly graded on their results. At the end, students can print out a score sheet indicating their success. These Ereading Worksheets were pretty […]

Now Aligned to Common Core State Standards

A teacher who is happy about becoming aligned with the Common Core State Standards

Most of my visitors should be pleased as punch to notice that is now aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Not only will I be adding new content designed specifically to meet the CCSS over the next few months, but I’ve also aligned all of the activities that you know and love with […]