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Shortly after the inception of the this site, I began creating interactive online reading worksheets for students. I called these activities “ereading worksheets.” The first version of these worksheets were pretty cool, but they had their shortcomings: since they were Flash based, they were not compatible with iPads or iPhones, and students could not email their results directly to their teachers. However, these worksheets had some advantages too. Since they were Flash based files, they could be embedded onto other teacher’s websites or pages.

In 2013 I converted my ereading worksheets to HTML5 and JavaScript. This allows them to be completed in most modern browsers. Using these updated ereading worksheets, students can also email their results in PDF form directly to their teachers. This new form marks an advancement, but some teachers may still wish to access the earlier versions, perhaps to get the code to embed the activities on their own websites. Hence, I maintain this page.

Author’s Purpose Activities

Author’s Purpose Ereading Worksheet 1
Author’s Purpose Ereading Worksheets 2

Fact and Opinion Activities

Fact and Opinion Ereading Worksheet 1
Fact and Opinion Ereading Worksheet 2

Figurative Language Online Activities

Figurative Language Ereading Worksheet 1
Figurative Language Ereading Worksheet 2
Figurative Language Ereading Worksheet 3
Figurative Language Ereading Worksheet 4
Figurative Language Ereading Worksheet 5

Genre and Subgenre Online Activities

Genre Practice Ereading Worksheet 1

Inferences Online Activities

Inferences Ereading Worksheet 1
Inferences Ereading Worksheet 2

Point of View Online Activities

Point of View Practice Ereading Worksheet 1
Point of View Practice Ereading Worksheet 2
Point of View Practice Ereading Worksheet 3
Point of View Practice Ereading Worksheet 4
Point of View Practice Ereading Worksheet 5

Text Structure Online Activities

Text Structure Ereading Worksheet 1
Text Structure Ereading Worksheet 2
Text Structure Ereading Worksheet 3

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  1. reshawnrose

     /  March 10, 2014


  2. Melissa

     /  February 4, 2014

    Is there anyway to print the test for students to have a hard copy? I know it was an option in the past. I don’t have enough computers at my school for students to use.

    • Well, the worksheets are definitely available.
      Try navigating the site using some of the links to find them.

      Best wishes,



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