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I began this site in 2010 primarily in service of middle school and high school teachers. Since then I have been working hard to expand that content on this site to serve students and teachers reading at earlier grade levels as well. Many visitors to this site have requested access to worksheets that are organized by grade level. I’m still working on answering this request properly, but here is a start.

Click one of the following links to view all of my reading worksheets organized by grade level.

Reading Worksheets By Grade Level

2nd Grade Reading Worksheets
3rd Grade Reading Worksheets
4th Grade Reading Worksheets
5th Grade Reading Worksheets
6th Grade Reading Worksheets
7th Grade Reading Worksheets
8th Grade Reading Worksheets

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  1. Mila

     /  April 4, 2023

    Homeschooling parent with disabilities here. Thanks so much for these resources, I greatly appreciate them as my kids prepare to return to the school system.

  2. Chantal Prescott

     /  September 15, 2020

    Thanks for your free content! I use it to teach English to French speakers!!

  3. Eileen Dube

     /  March 30, 2020

    I love these worksheets! They concentrate on the skill you want. They are great for quizzes and exit tickets.
    Is there a way to share them to google classroom?

  4. shamile Childs

     /  November 17, 2019

    Thank you for the abundance of material. As a first year 5th grade teacher it is hard to find good resources, especially for free. You are truly a blessing. Thank you.

  5. Monir Kermani

     /  October 16, 2019

    Dear Sir or Madam
    As an English teacher I used your material a lot .
    I don’t know what grades are.
    I teach in Iran and I used 1st grade for my 11th graders.
    look forward hearing from you.
    thank you

  6. Linda K.

     /  July 28, 2019

    Mr. Morton,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful website and all the wonderful worksheets!!! You have been a tremendous help in providing me with materials I can use with various grade levels! I’m a speech language pathologist and I’m always looking for new stuff to use with my students.
    I’m very grateful!

  7. hayyan

     /  October 22, 2018

    im a student and this is awsome my teachers always use this websie and this way may be i can get the answers beforhand

  8. msross

     /  October 22, 2018

    Thank you for providing such a valuable resource. This is rich.

  9. Susan McWilliams

     /  October 2, 2018

    Amazing resource – thank you SO much!

  10. Abigail Muchazyi

     /  June 18, 2018

    I love these worksheets. Thank you so much for your hard work and generosity.

  11. Vanitha Manogaran

     /  December 11, 2017

    fabulous resources, thank you for this remarkable work and effort. most appreciated

  12. Rebecca

     /  December 5, 2017

    I feel like I hit the jackpot!!! It’s so hard to find tools that really focus on some of these topics and you’ve not only provided one but many practice pieces. Thank you!

  13. Vandana

     /  June 24, 2017

    These worksheets are really awesome! Thank you so much.

  14. Litia

     /  June 11, 2017

    Awsome .I considered myself lucky when I found your page. I will recommend the worksheets to my fellow teachers

  15. Hermela

     /  March 30, 2017

    These worksheets are fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and generosity!!!

  16. Hermela

     /  March 30, 2017

    Thank you for the worksheets and answer keys! They are truly helpful study guides for school tests. It’s been very useful for me and my students.

    Thank you for sharing


     /  March 1, 2017

    I’m glad that I have found this site…this complements what required for k-12 lessons in English and somehow this provides a wide array of selections in all grade levels.
    once again thank you.

  18. Hazel

     /  February 22, 2017

    Your resources are awesome. I refer to this site for ideas frequently. Thank you for sharing!!

  19. cheryl tregoning

     /  December 11, 2016

    Do you have worksheets/quizzes for high school students? Love this site so much, but need more challenging material for my 11th and 12th graders.

  20. Natrina Lawrence

     /  December 6, 2016

    The site is awesomely organized!!! Moreover, the information provided gives Educators alike, an opportunity to provide students with a wide array of learning and exploring.

  21. George

     /  February 8, 2016

    Thank you for the worksheets and answer keys! They are truly helpful study guides for school tests. But most importantly, they are a great resource for parents attempting to keep their kids learning over the summer.

    • Thank you for saying so.
      I am committed to developing and improving the website.

      I hope that you will continue to find it useful over the years.

  22. Rebecca Gunder

     /  January 15, 2016

    Thank you for sharing these resources. I cringed when I saw “work sheets” but these are so well done, I am referring to them as resources. I feel like I struck gold by coming across these.

    On behalf of all my students, thank you!!

  23. Susan Lancaster

     /  January 5, 2016

    I echo the sentiments of other folks; your work here is wonderful. We all owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

  24. Diane

     /  December 6, 2015

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! I am so glad I came across your site and have bookmarked it for the future.

  25. Robyn. SLP

     /  December 2, 2015

    These worksheets are fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and generosity!!!

  26. THOMAS

     /  November 8, 2015

    How incredibly selfless and terrific you are! These invaluable resources are second to none, yet you have made them available to everyone at no cost whatsoever.
    Thanks ever so much.

  27. Sandra Caldwell

     /  September 17, 2015

    Thank you for sharing. This will help me with my Adult Ed. Students.

  28. evangelyn guittap

     /  September 17, 2015

    Thank you very much for publishing all these worksheets. It’s been very useful for me and my students.

  29. Debra

     /  June 16, 2015

    Hi! Thanks so much for sharing these terrific resources. They’re a great help when I am stuck for an idea for my writing classes. You’re a star for putting up this site!


     /  April 22, 2015

    I have found your worksheets very useful to my GCE and IGCSE!


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