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Genre Activities

Are you looking for activities that will give your students ample practice identifying the genres and subgenres of a variety of texts?  Look no further.  This page includes a huge array of genre activities to give your students the practice that they need.  From student-centered projects to PowerPoint slide shows, this page has all of the genre activities that you will likely need to teach your students about literary genre and subgenre.

Genre Lesson – Slide show lesson on genre and subgenre.  Includes a review activity after the lesson.
Genre Lesson PowerPoint

Genre Lesson 2 – An awesome and animated PowerPoint slide show explaining genres and subgenres of literature.  This lesson includes ten practice problems at the end to help you informally assess your students.
Genre Lesson 2 PowerPoint

Make Your Own Genre Crossword Puzzle Activity – Create a crossword puzzle with clues for the following 20 genre related terms. File includes directions, rubric, crossword grid and clue sheet.
Make Your Own Genre Crossword Puzzle Activity | RTF
Make Your Own Genre Crossword Puzzle Activity | PDF
Make Your Own Genre Crossword Puzzle Activity | Preview

Genre Book Covers Project – Students create book covers in a variety of genres. They add illustrations with details of each genre and explain how each text belongs in its genre.  This project sheet also has a convenient scoring rubric.
Genre Book Covers Project | RTF
Genre Book Covers Project | PDF
Genre Book Covers Project | Preview

Genre Newspaper Project – Create a newspaper with eight articles written in different genres and subgenres: nonfiction, historical fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, fairytale, fable, tall tale, myth, drama, biography, autobiography, and informational writing.
Genre Newspaper Project | RTF
Genre Newspaper Project | PDF
Genre Newspaper Project | Preview

Genre Review – Students examine books in small groups and discuss the genre and subgenres of each text.  After coming to a consensus, students write their answers down on this sheet.  You provide your own texts.
Genre Review | RTF
Genre Review | PDF
Genre Review | Preview

Genre Movie Posters – Students will create three movie posters.  Each poster will feature a movie from a different subgenre. They can be real movies or imagined. This is a fun, student-centered way to review genres and subgenres of literature.
Genre Movie Posters | RTF
Genre Movie Posters | PDF
Genre Movie Posters | Preview

Genre Quiz – Here’s a matching quiz to evaluate students on their understanding of genre and subgenre terms. Students match the definitions to the terms and answer multiple choice questions.
Genre Quiz | RTF
Genre Quiz | PDF
Genre Quiz | Preview
Genre Quiz | Answers

Genre Quiz 2 – Looking for another genre quiz to assess your students? Check out this new genre quiz. It has fifteen multiple-choice questions on genres and subgenres of literature. Students identify the genres and subgenres of a variety of texts and then match definitions.
Genre Quiz 2 | RTF
Genre Quiz 2 | PDF
Genre Quiz 2 | Preview
Genre Quiz 2 | Answers

Genre Practice 1 – A warm-up PowerPoint review where students identify the genre and subgenre of 5 stories.
Genre Practice 1 | PowerPoint

Genre Practice 2 – PowerPoint warm up review where students identify the genre and subgenre of 5 stories.
Genre Practice 2 | PowerPoint


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  1. Tamarah Niccol

     /  January 25, 2020

    Wow! This is all fantastic and so helpful! I’ve been asked to teacher English for the first time in many years and these resources are so helpful. THANK YOU!

  2. Octavia Lister

     /  August 17, 2019

    I love your website! It is an invaluable tool that I have used for years.

    I have been teacher for about 20 years now and I wish I had known about this site sooner.

    This site is a life preserver for new teachers an is a steady companion for the veterans.

    I hope teachers never lose this resource.

    Thank You!

  3. Lianne laxa

     /  March 12, 2017

    Unexpectedly I’ve come across with this very helpful link. Thank you so much.This is really of great help to us teachers in Senior High School teaching literary genres.

  4. Irving Echevarria

     /  September 2, 2015

    Love this site!

  5. Mamta Kothari

     /  August 30, 2012

    Hit the Jackpot with this website, tailor made to the needs of my students. Very professional, without any fuss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mr.ex

     /  August 16, 2012

    great stuff

  7. volnei

     /  March 14, 2012

    Congratulations on the profesionals who made this page. Thanks a lot. It is clear, practical and fun…

  8. Rhymer

     /  March 7, 2012

    Genre Quiz 2 has no answer key. This would save me lots of time on grading and correcting papers. I love your site. it is my Go To Enforcer for my students. keep up the good job.

  9. Very thorough, well-organized website for genre! Thank you for saving me many hours of prep time :).


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