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Now Aligned to Common Core State Standards

Lesson Planning Just Got THAT Much Easier

Most of my visitors should be pleased as punch to notice that is now aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Not only will I be adding new content designed specifically to meet the CCSS over the next few months, but I’ve also aligned all of the activities that you know and love with these standards.

Where Can I Find These Standards?

At the bottom of each page, right before the comments, there should be a grey box that says right above it “Common Core State Standards Related to X.” X in this case is a variable that represents whatever the focus skill of the page is. Beneath this heading you will see the anchor standard that aligns to that skill as well as an invitation to expand to view all of the Common Core State Standards related to that skill. Clicking this link will cause the grey box to open up like an accordion, revealing all of the grade specific strands that apply to that skill.

How Can I Use This Addition?

This new feature should come in especially helpful with your lesson planning. While determining which activities will best assist your students, you no longer need to spend your time tunneling through the CCSS handbook to locate the relevant standards. Just come to this website and cut and paste them. Everything has been nicely organized for you.

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  1. Elizabeth

     /  June 29, 2014

    I just wanted to tell you that this website has been so helpful to me in planning to teach Summer School. I am not a regular classroom teacher, so the resources I have found here are invaluable – I was very nervous about doing well, but with these resources, I know that it will be fine. Thank you!

    • I’m so happy to hear that.
      I’m sure that you’re going to do excellently.

      Preparation is key and you seem to be doing that.

      Best wishes.


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