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In my opinion, the teaching of writing deserves its own class; however, more often than not I find that schools bundle writing into the reading program. The purpose of this web page is to provide teachers and students will information, resources, activities, and worksheets that will help them to better understand good writing practices. There is no one correct way to write, but there are some guiding notions to keep in mind when crafting essays and papers, and it is my purpose the explain those notions as I understand them.

I am working to expand this section to cover all modes of writing. Here are some of the materials that I have created so far.

Writing Persuasive Essays
Persuasive Essay Topics
Research Paper Topics
Narrative Essay Topics and Story Ideas
Writing Narrative Essays
Rubrics for Writing Essays and Papers

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  1. sbfgoeyvf

     /  April 3, 2017

    i love this website.
    its so interesting!!

  2. Nilda

     /  February 23, 2017

    This is a very impressive site with lots of tools for help. Thank you very much.

  3. marie cruz

     /  June 12, 2016

    Many research topics list were interesting to me. Thank you for sharing. it’s very educational.

  4. Jack

     /  April 25, 2016

    Great website really helped me learn 🙂

  5. bob

     /  February 4, 2016


  6. M Ahmed

     /  September 28, 2015

    Thank you for your excellent work, it has changed the my son’s way of reading. It’s very helpful.

  7. Monique G

     /  September 4, 2015

    Thanks so much for all the hard work you have put into this site. It is full of great tools for my students!

  8. gracia

     /  September 1, 2015

    this is so cool makes learn faster

  9. Sulekshmie

     /  August 21, 2015

    Thank you for all what I found on this site. The comprehension sheets were helpful and all the
    wonderful ideas given will benefit many teachers worldwide.

  10. eloise

     /  July 2, 2015

    thanks you helped me a lot on my report on my speechs

  11. barb nesbett

     /  June 1, 2015

    Thank you so much! I just discovered your materials while looking for something new for a student I will be tutoring this summer. These are wonderful resources! This has taken a lot of work and I am very appreciative!

  12. So effective and simple too

  13. Moira

     /  December 31, 2012

    These are great for Socratic Seminars!
    Thank you!

  14. Maricel Acevedo

     /  April 26, 2012

    Very interesting


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