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ereadingworksheets.com was created by Mr. Donzo Mortini.

The worksheets on this site are resources used in my classroom over the last seven years as a Chicago Public School teacher. My classes have seen huge gains in test scores over the years because I have taught directly to the skills that students are required to know. When I first got into the craft, I tried to purchase resources that I thought would be useful in my classroom, but found that few resources directly targeted the skills that I needed my students to learn: identifying figurative language, text structure, narrative perspective, author’s purpose, theme, genre and subgenre. So, I created my own resources.  I teach my lessons using a projector that I bought, brought from home, and mounted on my classroom ceiling.  I find that PowerPoint lessons are far superior to writing on the board or overhead projector.  Not only does it save you a bunch of needless jotting, but they are reusable, easy for students to read, and allow you to keep your eyes on the classroom.  With the high stakes in teaching today, I can’t afford to wait for schools to catch up on technology.  I suggest that you consider doing the same.  I’ve included many of the same PowerPoint presentations from my classroom, along with the worksheets that I’ve used to reinforce my students’ skills.  Also, in an effort to make this site more useful to students and educators, I’ve created interactive lessons and activities to provide at-home learning opportunities or additional options for technologically savvy educators.  Ultimately, I hope that you may find my resources as useful as I have, and I appreciate any comments, questions, or donations.


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  1. Ben

     /  January 7, 2023

    Dear Mr. Morton. I really appreciate your work for teachers and students Very resourceful and easy to use.

  2. Ram Gupta

     /  November 22, 2022

    Excellent site. Extremely useful and well made tasks. Was referred by my school librarian.

    -Ram Gupta (teacher), Norway

  3. Nhien Lasky

     /  November 22, 2022

    Dear Mr. Morton, my daughter needed help with reading comprehension and after much searching online for resources to help her, I came across your site. I cannot thank you enough for making these tools available! We have been using the worksheets and I am encouraged by her progress. Thank you again!

  4. Thello Diakopes

     /  September 22, 2022

    This website has the best resources not only for new teachers but also for the ones who have been teaching for decades. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!


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