Point of View Quiz                                                                                            B


Part I - Examples

Directions: read each text and determine the narrator's point of view.


1.  "Do you love candy?"  I asked my friend Roxis.  I always make friends with other people.


a)  First-Person                                     b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


2.  Emma thought and she thought: How can I make people notice me?  Then, Emma's two twin nieces ran in the kitchen and asked Emma to make a batch of cookies for their class.  She did, and the next day at the bake sale, lots of children and parents were buying her cookies.  


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


3.  We are not as close as we once were, at least not since the thing happened.  We were sitting in science class when I decided to look at her notebook.  I noticed that she wasn't taking notes.


a)  First-Person                                   b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


4.  Jessie had felt sad all day.  Jessie thought and thought about his situation and he thought to himself, I need to get myself together.  Maria came in the door and asked what was wrong.  He told her.  Maria frowned.  She felt as if she were being abandoned by everyone.  


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


5.  When I went to the store, I witnessed a girl crying on the street and I took a closer look and saw it was my friend.  I walked to where she was and asked her what was wrong.  She said, "Family problems."  Being a good friend, I told her to call me later if she wanted to talk about it.

a)  First-Person                                   b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


6.  How to Properly Clean Your Disc:  First, buy a CD buffer from your neighborhood Gamestop store.  If you want to clean your CD for free instead, get a Q-tip or soft cloth.  Use alcohol or window cleaner and wipe up and down applying light pressure as needed.  


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                    c)  Third-Person


7.  Some dark night Shelly said, "I hate squirrels," but really she loved them.  Carol said, "They smell," but really, she loved them too.  Both of them thought that squirrels were pretty cute.


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


8.  To Make French Toast: First, take out a skillet to cook and turn the stove on low.  Second, you will melt the butter in the pan and stir it with a spatula.  Third, beat the eggs.  Fourth, lay the bread, white or wheat, on both sides in the eggs.  Fifth, sit the bread on top of butter for 30 seconds and then turn over.  Now you have a slice of French toast, repeat.  


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                  c)  Third-Person


9.  "I don't want to put my shoes on," cried Timmy.  Timmy had been fussy ever since snack time.  He didn't get a cheese stick because Michael ate the last one.  Then he didn't get to sleep at all during nap time.  Now he was really worked up.  "I want to go home.  Get my mommy!"


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


10.  "You should just go somewhere.  You ruined our relationship, and I don't want to talk to you anymore," Bertha said to Mitchell as he begged her for forgiveness, "But, Bertha, you are the best girl in the world.  You make my dreams come true."  Bertha ignored his pleas.


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


11.  Timmy Turner was rushing to get to school because he was going on a field trip.  Timmy felt so happy and excited that he was going on his first field trip of the year.  Timmy thought that everything was going to go good that day.


a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                 c)  Third-Person


12.  First, you will need to wash your hands and gather all of your materials.  Once you've done that, follow all of the directions in your cookbook.  Put your crispy teats in the oven and cook for 30-35.  Once the treats are cooled, you and your friends can enjoy.  

a)  First-Person                                  b)  Second-Person                                  c)  Third-Person



Part II - Definitions


Directions: Match the definitions to the terms.  Shade in the appropriate bubble.  



13.  When the narrator tells the story of "you" - B


14.  When narrator tells the story of "he" or "she" - C


15.  When the story is narrated from the perspective of "I"- A


a.  First-Person


b.  Second-Person


c.  Third-Person